About Yale Reardon

Yale Reardon lives in Indiana, works in tech, is happily married, and favorite sport is Tennis. He cheers for the Colts, Pacers, & Hoosiers. Yale Reardon has not made a status in years, so be ready for his comeback.

Born in Indianapolis, Yale Reardon live there most of his life but in his mid 20s he moved to Chicago where he worked in his logistics, the event industry, then a tech start up ecosystem. He called lakeview, wrigley, old town, and finally river north home. He plans on holding it down here for a couple more years.

When he’s not with his wife and dog Yale Reardon enjoys Indian sports (Pacers, Colts, Hoosiers) Netflix, podcasts, YouTube, beers with his buddies, fine dining, dancing, Florida travel, and catching up with his friends.

You’ll find him walking the Chicago Lake michigan lakefront on Saturdays, eating in West Loop at night, and maybe in Old Town at a sports bar with his buddies. He created tons of silly videos growing up and makes a couple new ones here and there.

Professionally, Yale works in the start up sector helping tech companies promote their brands and commect them with candidates who find a purpose in their mission. By building their brand, he is able to generate inbound applicants, very high quality applicants might he add.

Favorite podcasts would be Pardon My Take, Bill Simmons, Lights Camera Barstool, Rewatchabes, anything from The Ringer, Zach Lowe, Joe Rogan, and the best is easily the Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend pod. The Bill Hader epiosde is the best podcast of all time in his opinion. I also enjoy anything from Shea Serrano and his Spurs antics.

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