Michael Phelps

So far 48 hours into the Olympics its obvious that Michael Phelps is burnt out from swimming. Hes not dominating, nor winning at all like we are used to seeing.

Think about it. Hes probably been training almost nonstop for 15+ years. Give the guy a break. The only problem I have is if these are truly his last games, why didnt he train harder? Its always best to go out on top. It looks like hes sleeping his way to the finish line.


-Yale Reardon

Dark Knight Rises

Saw this baby in IMAX yesterday. UNREAL. UNREAL. Bane was amazing. I want to see it again this week.

–Yale Reardon


Yale Reardon

This show is hilarious but I think its in a bit of a sophomore slump.

Taking my talents…

-Yale Reardon

Tennis Tips

Quick Tennis Tips


  • Make sure your hand is on the butt of the grip, with a western grip
  • Racquet needs to back as early as possible. EARLIER. Yes, even EARLIER than that.
  • Take the racquet back pointing at the wall behind, slightly raised up.
  • The offhand should be pointed straight out, used to track the ball
  • Feet should be shoulder length apart, with toes pointing to the right side
  • Knees bent, back straight for the most part
  • When swinging, make contact in front of your body
  • If you plan on hitting flat or top spin, the racquet needs to be completely straight upon Point of Contact
  • During the swing, DO NOT let the off arm fall to waist or cross body to “Hug Self”
  • Left foot needs to step in during contact*
  • After contact, swing hips around so it’s not just a “One arm” swing
  • Catch the racquet over shoulder in the off hand in the V of the racquet frame

Backhand (two hander)

  • Hands are close on grip, slightly touching. Always check hands, they tend to climb the grip.
  • Racquet needs to be taken back early, and resting comfortably away from body
  • Common mistake is to hold racquet way too close/far from body
  • During swing, squeeze grip
  • When making contact, don’t let the left hand lead through the shot.*
  • Avoid “windshield wiper” swings. Use trunk of body during swing so you use core of body.
  • Finish at 11 O”clock and form Triangle (I can show you this)
  • Keep back up, knees bent. Not the other way around


  • Continental grip. This is huge.
  • 0 Backswing, 0 follow-through
  • Go after the ball, do not let it come to you. Moving forward as you hit.
  • Opposite foot, opposite hand. Sounds easy…yet we all get it backwards.
  • Turn head and watch ball hit strings, TRUST ME. Simple, but excellent advice.
  • Hit………………and then STOP
  • Keep your racquet above your wrist….ALWAYS
  • If the ball is low, do a lung. Bending back and keeping legs straight will result in errors or easy put always from opponent.
  • Placement > Power


-Yale Reardon

Paterno knew….

I’ve been reading up on the Joe Paterno scandal today and it really is shocking. To me it seems like his reputation and power got to him. Make no mistake about, Jerry Sandusky is to blame for many of the horrible things that took place. We all know what he did and he is a disgusting man.

But the fact that much of the abuse could have been prevented is almost equally awful. As a kid you are told nobody likes a taddle tale. But you also know the difference between wrong or right. Its hard to say what you or me would do had we known about/seen the abuse but I’d like to think MOST people would immediately report this to authorities or a power figure like Paterno. Dropping a bombshell like that to an iconic figure like Joe Pa would be a tough pill to swallow. Immediately Joe would think “Wow, there goes my 45+ years down the drain. I am going to be remembered as a guy who let this abuse happen on MY watch.”

But when it comes down to it who cares about sports or your reputation when unspeakable things are taking place to children on a regular basis in your own backyard. At the end of the day, is Joe Paterno a bad man? That is debatable. He did plenty of good in his many years at Penn State but ultimately his decision to look the other way/cover up is what we known will identify him with other than any National Titles. And unfortunately for Joe Pa and his family, that’s how we will remember the now deceased Paterno.

Dwight Howard situation

He is quickly becoming more dated than Lebron in the NBA.


-Yale Reardon


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We are matching Hibbert. This is a smart move. I am still upset about the drafting of Miles Plumlee.

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