Tennis Tips

Quick Tennis Tips


  • Make sure your hand is on the butt of the grip, with a western grip
  • Racquet needs to back as early as possible. EARLIER. Yes, even EARLIER than that.
  • Take the racquet back pointing at the wall behind, slightly raised up.
  • The offhand should be pointed straight out, used to track the ball
  • Feet should be shoulder length apart, with toes pointing to the right side
  • Knees bent, back straight for the most part
  • When swinging, make contact in front of your body
  • If you plan on hitting flat or top spin, the racquet needs to be completely straight upon Point of Contact
  • During the swing, DO NOT let the off arm fall to waist or cross body to “Hug Self”
  • Left foot needs to step in during contact*
  • After contact, swing hips around so it’s not just a “One arm” swing
  • Catch the racquet over shoulder in the off hand in the V of the racquet frame

Backhand (two hander)

  • Hands are close on grip, slightly touching. Always check hands, they tend to climb the grip.
  • Racquet needs to be taken back early, and resting comfortably away from body
  • Common mistake is to hold racquet way too close/far from body
  • During swing, squeeze grip
  • When making contact, don’t let the left hand lead through the shot.*
  • Avoid “windshield wiper” swings. Use trunk of body during swing so you use core of body.
  • Finish at 11 O”clock and form Triangle (I can show you this)
  • Keep back up, knees bent. Not the other way around


  • Continental grip. This is huge.
  • 0 Backswing, 0 follow-through
  • Go after the ball, do not let it come to you. Moving forward as you hit.
  • Opposite foot, opposite hand. Sounds easy…yet we all get it backwards.
  • Turn head and watch ball hit strings, TRUST ME. Simple, but excellent advice.
  • Hit………………and then STOP
  • Keep your racquet above your wrist….ALWAYS
  • If the ball is low, do a lung. Bending back and keeping legs straight will result in errors or easy put always from opponent.
  • Placement > Power


-Yale Reardon

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