North Central vs Carmel

Today a huge day for NC Tennis. We play #2 Carmel and we are #1.

Its not going to come down to a match, a set, or a couple games. We are talking a couple points. I predict NC wins 3-2.

-Yale Reardon


We are playing Center Grove today at Center Grove. I always disliked/loved playing there because of the atmosphere. It will be interesting to see if they still are rowdy as ever.


Getting ready to move to Chicago at the end of October. Excited, a little stressed, but more than anything pumped for some new experiences. I love Indy, but  like anything, it gets old.
I figure I’ll go there, meet my wife, meet my career, then head home.


-Yale Reardon


I’ve really enjoyed Instagram this Olympics for use by the NBA players. Kevin Love has been killing the game.

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