Facebook vs Twitter

I wonder what will be more relevant in 10 years, Twitter or Facebook? I think Twitter. Recently I heard a great quote about Facebook “Everyone has it but nobody likes it”. Enough said.

Yale Reardon Twitter  www.twitter.com/jyreardo          VS               Yale Reardon Facebook    http://www.facebook.com/yale.reardon


Best photo of my friends and I in years

Yale Reardon birthday

Watford for the Win!

I watch this at least once a week.


Instagram rant

I’ve really started to like Instagram, probably only second to Twitter as a social media app on my phone.

My big problem with it is the content people post, primariliy girls. People seem to only post skylines, food, self mirror photos, and old photos of their youth. Very little is interesting/funny.

I try to limit my posts to only photos that I believe others, not just myself with enjoy to some extent.
Here is the Link to Yale Reardon Instagram   http://followgram.me/jyreardo

NFL begins today

Early Superbowl Prediction

Packers vs Broncos.

Manning wins #2. Yeah I said it.


-Yale Reardon