Yale Reardon Story Old

Yale Reardon is an assistant tennis pro at the Jewish Community Center where he oversees tennis drills, instruction, and match play. Yale Reardon also works at F.C. Tucker in Indianapolis as a Realtor helping with the purchase and selling of residential properties. Yale Reardon enjoys tennis, all Indiana sports teams, working out, movies, and time with his family. In the future, Yale Reardon hopes to leave his tennis/Realtor career behind and find something more concrete while relocating in Chicago, Illinois.

Yale Reardon grew up in Indianapolis where he attended North Central high school. At North Central he was the captain of the tennis team and recieved an Indiana Honors degree. After high school, Yale Reardon went to Indiana University where he joined the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity. He majored in Telecommunications and got a degree in Arts & Sciences. Since college, Yale Reardon has lived in the Broad Ripple district of Indianapolis where has worked in said careers above.
Account Manager for year.

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