Penny pickles and yale Reardon waiting for penny

Jason Street vs Matt Saracen

This is the ultimate QB question.

What if Jason never got hurt

Saracen’s life goes in an entire direction.

Riggins and Lyla never happen. Man.

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Just a page of different social media profiles I’ve got running

Yale Reardon

Penny gets older

Time lapse of Penny’s one year.

Couch potatoe

Classic penny laying on the couch

Updated Tumblr URL


Damn you Allbirds! Take my money once again. The new runner up Mizzle looks like it’s a game changer. I’ll be purchasing one for the fall.

-Yale Reardon

Clark street ale house

Huge collection of penny bar photos

Thank you clark street ale house for the hospitality.




Yale Reardon is a massive fan of fall. Tailgates, hot chocolate, and football is an unbeatable combo. There is something special about the crisp air of October with the orchards blooming and the big game going down.

Yale Reardon would say October is the MVP month of the year.

Updated LinkedIn profile

Yale Reardon new updated LinkedIn profile. Feeling good about how polished it finally looks. Added a headline and summary. and Penny Pickles getting coffee

Yale Reardon strava profile

Penny & The Jets

Of course she’s just having a little bath in Lincoln Park

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Worked at EVENTup , EVENTup Senior Account Executive. Experience with Account Manager, Account Management, Billing. Went to Indiana University

Sunday night football

Wakanda foreve

Yale Reardon chocolate chip banana bread

Don’t act like you’re not impressed

Penny’s moms new litter

Can you guess which one is Penny? Her mom has a new litter which you can find by Googling Yoder bernedoodles Flat Rock IL

It looks like Penny’s on identical twin. Hint he’s on the left and his name is Jasper. Will we get a new puppy one day? Time will tell. For now it’s just the Pickles.

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This is all content me.

Antonio Brown

Talk about a wide receiver diva.

Reminds me of T.O and Moss back in the day and more recently Beckham.

I speculate that AB is having some sort of manic phase or potentially a mental illness.

Between his blonde mustache and numerous incdients and willingness to throw about 30M+ he’s clearly off the rails.


Should the Colts cut Adam V?

Yale Reardon crockpot tips

Someone Great on Netflix

This features the same girl from Jane the Virgin and a couple people I recognize from Pitch Perfect and a sales movie.

Really funny and a great opening scene where you watch a relationship begin, ascend, peak, and then crumble.

Have yet to finish it but it’s def a good Netflix movie to turn your brain off for 2 hours.

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