Penny pickles portrait

I about lost it when I first saw this masterpiece.

-Yale Reardon

Stealing this sales email, Yale Reardon

I’ve tried a lot of these break up emails over the years with-little success -Yale Reardon

Post Malone in Indiana

Talk about a slow news day!

-Yale Reardon

Yale Reardon Recipe

Please take notes and give it a shot next year. Yale Reardon secret sauce.

Penny, Bear, and Yale Reardon

This is a typical Saturday in our building.

-Yale Reardon


Had no idea how much Kobe’s tragic passing would impact myself and the world. He was someone who seemed invincible and larger than life. Just a guy that would be around for the next 40-50 years.

Kobe had lived a 1000 lifetimes in just 41 years. The NBA and sporting community will never be the same.