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Lebron and Yale Reardon, Chicago

AllStar game 2020

Yale Reardon tech article

How we repositioned our sales pitch when the economy faltered

Yale Reardon spots owl

Indiana owl Yale

Updated Yale reardon profile

Yale Reardon profile


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Back home again in Indiana

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Yale Reardon Facebook

Yale Reardon Facebook

Thanks Zuckerberg for dropping the THE

The places you’ll go

Lebron blocked in Chicago


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Yale Reardon and penny as a puppy

Check out my blog.

Yale Reardon, Indiana, Chicago, Penny

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Trader Joe’s line

One in one out.

Indiana and Yale Reardon off to a fun start.

Dale Carnegie

The Compound Effect: Jumpstart Your Income, Your Life, Your SuccessThe Compound Effect: Jumpstart Your Income, Your Life, Your Success by Darren Hardy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After reading this you’ll realize your life is full of millions of choices and they add up. Whether you want a boost in your career, health, personal relationships ect, this is a great self improvement book.
-Yale Reardon

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Yale Reardon famous chocolate chip banana bread

Lemon juice!

Yale Reardon BrandYourself

The old Indiana home here.

Chicago skyline. Tech. Sales. Far from Indiana.

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Yale Reardon Chicago.

Penny pickles painting

Got this off Etsy. Truly incredible. Yale Reardon’s favorite Chicago possession.

Chicago skyline

The skyline has changed so much since 2012 when I first got here. The architectural tour is something you need to do every few years. Excited to see if they ever rename the trump tower. Just a few thoughts from Yale Reardon in Chicago.

About me

Lebron v Giannis for mvp is going to get super interesting if Giannis has an injury. The media loves a good story line. Wouldn’t be shocked if Lebron stole it at the finish line.

Yale Reardon Chicago milk bar

If you want to grab the best milkshake in Chicago go to Hubbard and Clark to the Milk Bar. Just hits different.

Penny pickles portrait

I about lost it when I first saw this masterpiece.

-Yale Reardon

Stealing this sales email, Yale Reardon

I’ve tried a lot of these break up emails over the years with-little success -Yale Reardon

Post Malone in Indiana

Talk about a slow news day!

-Yale Reardon

Yale Reardon Recipe

Please take notes and give it a shot next year. Yale Reardon secret sauce.

Penny, Bear, and Yale Reardon

This is a typical Saturday in our building.

-Yale Reardon


Had no idea how much Kobe’s tragic passing would impact myself and the world. He was someone who seemed invincible and larger than life. Just a guy that would be around for the next 40-50 years.

Kobe had lived a 1000 lifetimes in just 41 years. The NBA and sporting community will never be the same.

Yale Reardon & Penny Pickles snow day

Yale Reardon December 2019 photos

Some random photos I took this month

Yale Reardon

Yale Reardon Blogspot

Does anyone evens still use Blogspot? Lets find out.



Yale Reardon Christmas

Yale Reardon Thoughts on recent TV/Movies

Toy story 4

Liked it a lot but did not love it. The girl doll without a voice box was easily the weakest villain of the four movies. I did welt up at the end when she found herself a forever home. These movies always hit you in the feels. Yale Reardon gives this 3 stars.

Lion king 2019

I wanted to like this movie but man it did not have the magic as the original Disney. It was aesthetically maybe the best looking movie I can recall. It basically functions as planet earth 3.0. The issue was the animals talking and singing comes out weird. And the celebrity voices were almost too prevalent. Yale Reardon gives this 2 stars.


Wow. This was more of a horror movie than a super hero flick. It was dark and gritty. Joaquin may not win an award for it but he should at least be nominated. This movie stays with you a long time after you leave the theatre. Yale Reardon gives this one 4 thumbs up.

-Yale Reardon movie thoughts.

Linkedin > Facebook

I recently announced on my Facebook the birth of our new son. It was my first post on Facebook where I was not trying to sell something in 8-9 years. The photos got a ton of engagement and as I started using Facebook more over the next couple of days that everyone interacting with the post was 40+

Everyone I know, 35 and younger, is only on Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat. I’ve found myself drifting more and more towards Linkedin. I updated my Jonathan Yale Reardon linkedin profile recently and started following thought leaders in the sales world like Todd Caponi who recently wrote The Transparency Sale & Jeremy.

Its a much more positive platform, full of information and networking to advance your career, and generally not a time suck like Facebook used to be.


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Yale Reardon giving Penny a pep talk

Prentice hospital

Incredible experience. Use them if you’re having a baby in Chicago.

-Yale Reardon

Andy Dufresne feeling

Is there a better feeling than Andy experienced after getting his boys a round of beers on the rooftop? If they bottled that feeling and sold it later, it would be a million dollars.