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Toy story 4

Liked it a lot but did not love it. The girl doll without a voice box was easily the weakest villain of the four movies. I did welt up at the end when she found herself a forever home. These movies always hit you in the feels. Yale Reardon gives this 3 stars.

Lion king 2019

I wanted to like this movie but man it did not have the magic as the original Disney. It was aesthetically maybe the best looking movie I can recall. It basically functions as planet earth 3.0. The issue was the animals talking and singing comes out weird. And the celebrity voices were almost too prevalent. Yale Reardon gives this 2 stars.


Wow. This was more of a horror movie than a super hero flick. It was dark and gritty. Joaquin may not win an award for it but he should at least be nominated. This movie stays with you a long time after you leave the theatre. Yale Reardon gives this one 4 thumbs up.

-Yale Reardon movie thoughts.

Linkedin > Facebook

I recently announced on my Facebook the birth of our new son. It was my first post on Facebook where I was not trying to sell something in 8-9 years. The photos got a ton of engagement and as I started using Facebook more over the next couple of days that everyone interacting with the post was 40+

Everyone I know, 35 and younger, is only on Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat. I’ve found myself drifting more and more towards Linkedin. I updated my Jonathan Yale Reardon linkedin profile recently and started following thought leaders in the sales world like Todd Caponi who recently wrote The Transparency Sale & Jeremy.

Its a much more positive platform, full of information and networking to advance your career, and generally not a time suck like Facebook used to be.


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Yale Reardon giving Penny a pep talk

Prentice hospital


Incredible experience. Use them if you’re having a baby in Chicago.

-Yale Reardon

Andy Dufresne feeling

Is there a better feeling than Andy experienced after getting his boys a round of beers on the rooftop? If they bottled that feeling and sold it later, it would be a million dollars.

Zion Williamson is a STAR

To read a quick summary of Yale Reardon, check out my https://yalereardon.wordpress.com/about-yale-reardon/


Now onto Zion…


I first heard of him on instagram where he was showing up on @HouseOfHightlights mixtapes but it looked like he was playing against 5″10 private school kids. I considered him a great athlete, but not a skilled player.

5 minutes into his freshman year at Duke I was in awe of his size, movements, jumping ability, and all around feel for the game. I completely had to rethink how we viewed him. Last year at Duke I thought he was a sure fire #1 overall pick but I also questioned how his height and shooting would translate to the NBA.

Then I watched his preseason game vs the Chicago Bulls. He is doing the exact same stuff he did in high school and college! I guess if you’re always the biggest, fastest, and super skilled it translate well to any level. I believe Zion will average 20+ ppg the second he starts his NBA career. Super excited to watch him this season.


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Pop culture October 2019

Last week I had a blog about all things sports for October 2019, so I thought I’d continue with music, movies, tv, entertainment ect. To read the other blog on sports im linking it here. https://yalereardon.wordpress.com/yale-reardon-state-of-usa-sports-as-of-october-2019/


The big films of 2019 have been Avengers, lion King, Toy story 4, & Hollywood with Leo/Pitt. More recently and what I just saw today (10/6/19) was JOKER. That was intense wow.


Game of thrones ended in 2019 and had an awful ending. Stranger things season 3 was a fun watch. There are so many things on all the streaming apps it’s becoming next to impossible to keep up.


For the last decade the big names have been Beyoncé, Taylor swift, Eminem, Jay Z, Kanye, John Mayer, Usher, Timberlake, and a couple other names I’m forgetting. More recently Ed Sheeran, Chance the rapper, Niki Minaj, Shawn Mendes have come on the scene. I’d argue that nobody is killing it like Sheeran right now. Easily the top song of 2019 has been Horses in the Back. Right now the #1 song in the world (10/6/19) is Truth Hurts by Lizzo. I think she’s a one but wonder.

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Rpm Italian review


Great experience! Yale Reardon supports it

Sports summary 10/1 – Yale Reardon

I wrote a comprehensive blog of everything I can recall of what sports look like in the USA as of October 1st 2019. The idea is I can share this one day with my son.

I plan on doing the same thing for music, movies, and politics in the next few days.

To view the page with my sports summary, below


Penny pickles and yale Reardon waiting for penny

Jason Street vs Matt Saracen

This is the ultimate QB question.

What if Jason never got hurt

Saracen’s life goes in an entire direction.

Riggins and Lyla never happen. Man.

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Time lapse of Penny’s one year.

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Classic penny laying on the couch

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Damn you Allbirds! Take my money once again. The new runner up Mizzle looks like it’s a game changer. I’ll be purchasing one for the fall.

-Yale Reardon

Clark street ale house


Huge collection of penny bar photos

Thank you clark street ale house for the hospitality.






Yale Reardon is a massive fan of fall. Tailgates, hot chocolate, and football is an unbeatable combo. There is something special about the crisp air of October with the orchards blooming and the big game going down.

Yale Reardon would say October is the MVP month of the year.

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Yale Reardon new updated LinkedIn profile. Feeling good about how polished it finally looks. Added a headline and summary.


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Of course she’s just having a little bath in Lincoln Park

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Yale Reardon chocolate chip banana bread

Don’t act like you’re not impressed

Penny’s moms new litter

Can you guess which one is Penny? Her mom has a new litter which you can find by Googling Yoder bernedoodles Flat Rock IL

It looks like Penny’s on identical twin. Hint he’s on the left and his name is Jasper. Will we get a new puppy one day? Time will tell. For now it’s just the Pickles.

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Antonio Brown

Talk about a wide receiver diva.

Reminds me of T.O and Moss back in the day and more recently Beckham.

I speculate that AB is having some sort of manic phase or potentially a mental illness.

Between his blonde mustache and numerous incdients and willingness to throw about 30M+ he’s clearly off the rails.


Should the Colts cut Adam V?



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Someone Great on Netflix

This features the same girl from Jane the Virgin and a couple people I recognize from Pitch Perfect and a sales movie.

Really funny and a great opening scene where you watch a relationship begin, ascend, peak, and then crumble.

Have yet to finish it but it’s def a good Netflix movie to turn your brain off for 2 hours.

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Off to golden today to see the family. Can’t stand flying but excited for the trip. Here’s an old photo from last years trip

-Yale Reardon

Local hero

Jason was a legend growing up. Hope he gets help.

Baby shower