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Lebron v Giannis for mvp is going to get super interesting if Giannis has an injury. The media loves a good story line. Wouldn’t be shocked if Lebron stole it at the finish line.

Yale Reardon Chicago milk bar

If you want to grab the best milkshake in Chicago go to Hubbard and Clark to the Milk Bar. Just hits different.

Penny pickles portrait

I about lost it when I first saw this masterpiece.

-Yale Reardon

Stealing this sales email, Yale Reardon

I’ve tried a lot of these break up emails over the years with-little success -Yale Reardon

Post Malone in Indiana

Talk about a slow news day!

-Yale Reardon

Yale Reardon Recipe

Please take notes and give it a shot next year. Yale Reardon secret sauce.

Penny, Bear, and Yale Reardon

This is a typical Saturday in our building.

-Yale Reardon