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Worked at EVENTup , EVENTup Senior Account Executive. Experience with Account Manager, Account Management, Billing. Went to Indiana University

Sunday night football

Wakanda foreve

Yale Reardon chocolate chip banana bread

Don’t act like you’re not impressed

Penny’s moms new litter

Can you guess which one is Penny? Her mom has a new litter which you can find by Googling Yoder bernedoodles Flat Rock IL

It looks like Penny’s on identical twin. Hint he’s on the left and his name is Jasper. Will we get a new puppy one day? Time will tell. For now it’s just the Pickles.

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Antonio Brown

Talk about a wide receiver diva.

Reminds me of T.O and Moss back in the day and more recently Beckham.

I speculate that AB is having some sort of manic phase or potentially a mental illness.

Between his blonde mustache and numerous incdients and willingness to throw about 30M+ he’s clearly off the rails.


Should the Colts cut Adam V?

Yale Reardon crockpot tips

Someone Great on Netflix

This features the same girl from Jane the Virgin and a couple people I recognize from Pitch Perfect and a sales movie.

Really funny and a great opening scene where you watch a relationship begin, ascend, peak, and then crumble.

Have yet to finish it but it’s def a good Netflix movie to turn your brain off for 2 hours.

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Off to golden today to see the family. Can’t stand flying but excited for the trip. Here’s an old photo from last years trip

-Yale Reardon

Local hero

Jason was a legend growing up. Hope he gets help.

Baby shower

Ceres Cafe

Ceres Cafe

Yale Reardon bears Ball pit

This happened in 2016. Peak athleticism.

Larry Bird Story

This is just amazing. Slow day of news in Indiana.

Best lasagna in Chicago

Trump & Google

Fact check: Trump falsely claims Google ‘manipulated’ millions of 2016 votes

Another day, and another lie.

Blue angels

Chicago air water show

New dresser

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Yale Reardon wedding recap photos

Pitch perfect

I’ve got the magic

Never split the difference

Never split the difference book review

Yale Reardon favorite amazon show

The Boys has been a fantastic watch on Amazon Prime.

It’s as if the Avengers was full of narcissistic, corrupt, and flat our criminals. The show is fast moving and dark but extremely entertaining.

The main villain Homelander steals the show. He’s essentially an evil Superman and is player by a guy who is similar in height / looks to Bradley Cooper.


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Anniversary cake

Full wedding recap

Yale Reardon wedding recap full

My Quora profile

Cool questions and answers here

-Yale Reardon

Yale Reardon Quora

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Yale Reardon Vimeo wedding highlight clip

Reardon wedding highlight video

Yale Reardon & alexa manning wedding

Yale Reardon Story Old

Yale Reardon is an assistant tennis pro at the Jewish Community Center where he oversees tennis drills, instruction, and match play. Yale Reardon also works at F.C. Tucker in Indianapolis as a Realtor helping with the purchase and selling of residential properties. Yale Reardon enjoys tennis, all Indiana sports teams, working out, movies, and time with his family. In the future, Yale Reardon hopes to leave his tennis/Realtor career behind and find something more concrete while relocating in Chicago, Illinois.

Yale Reardon grew up in Indianapolis where he attended North Central high school. At North Central he was the captain of the tennis team and recieved an Indiana Honors degree. After high school, Yale Reardon went to Indiana University where he joined the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity. He majored in Telecommunications and got a degree in Arts & Sciences. Since college, Yale Reardon has lived in the Broad Ripple district of Indianapolis where has worked in said careers above.
Account Manager for year.


New liter from John Yoder in Flat Rock!!!

Tennis history

Tennis 2000s indiana

Podcast from Bill Simmons on tech

Bill Simmons tech podcast 8/5/19

Really interesting listen for anyone 35 and younger on evolution of tech/internet/media

Lakeshore wedding blog

Thank you

-Yale Reardon

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Please buy

Bavetttes yelp review

Bavettes Yelp

Best Chicago steakhouses

Bavettes has the best combination of service, ambience, and quality. It’s hard to get a table but you can’t beat the experience. You’ll pay more than other places in Chicago but you’ll be excited. 22 oz bone In ribeye is the winner here.

Bavettes has the best combination of service, ambience, and quality. It’s hard to get a table but you can’t beat the experience. You’ll pay more than other places in Chicago but you’ll be excited. 22 oz bone In ribeye is the winner here.

Chicago Cut is more old school and traditional. It feels a bit dated. The location by the river is amazing and you order drinks via iPads.